“If you seek a pleasant peninsula look about you.”

The Dream


Ever since I was a child I have had a passion for collecting things from the wild outdoors. My deepest fascination lies within the mushrooms and pine forests on the shores of Michigan's Great Lakes. I am enthralled with the world that surrounds us in these northern woods and sandy beaches. From the little bits of moss & lichen, to the tallest trees that reach toward the sky in evergreen wonder, I am amazed.

It was from my time spent in nature that my love for metalsmithing blossomed. It began with casting fungi specimens I had found on my hikes. There I soon discovered my passion for Earth's gemstones & minerals.

From this obsession of Earth's minerals, flora, & fauna grew Forest Emporium. Forest Emporium is a jewelry company that is forged from nature's curiosities, and rare gemstones. My designs aim to create elegant and durable jewelry inspired by Earth that will last for many years to come. 


A little bit of me.

My name is Heather Murray and I am the owner & metalsmith behind Forest Emporium. I have lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan for almost my entire life, and am enthralled with the Great Lakes. In the summer I spend much of my time in Northern Michigan, searching for treasures along the beaches and dunes. In 2014 I graduated from Grand Valley State University with a B.A in Studio Art. Upon graduating I was determined to make a living off my work.  Today I make my art during my travels, in hopes of sharing it with the world.